Larry Macfarlane / Co-Founder and CEO at Jixiti

Productive innovation is Shane’s hallmark. He never stops looking for, testing and implementing breakthrough methods to improve the effectiveness of his efforts. Shane’s creative “spark,” considerable technical depth, and world-class grasp of social media and buzz marketing make him incredibly unique and valuable. His personal impact on revenue generation is off the charts. Shane raises the sights of those around him, works well with others, is a joy to manage, and acts with complete integrity. Shane will be a top-tier contributor to any organization lucky enough to engage his passion

Shane Martindale is one of the most creative, energetic and results-oriented people I have ever met. He is always looking for better ways to improve bottom-line results and is adept at thinking “outside the box” to accomplish his goals. Shane is the inventor and author of several innovative programs for Photomax that have resulted in consistently increasing revenues, improved customer retention, and greater overall marketing skill and discipline across our organization. Shane has a strong work ethic and is an excellent team player. Shane’s impact will continue to be felt long after he moves on to other projects.”