The New Co-Active Dimensional Leadership Model

Dimensional Leadership allows us to move easily through different group dynamics and relationships, choosing the role that’s most needed in a particular situation to create a workable solution. The five different aspects of Dimensional Leadership work together to create a holistic expression of one’s leadership. Let’s look at the 5 Dimensions one-by-one …

Leader from Within: This is where it all begins. To lead effectively, you must be begin by being connected to your own unique purpose and values. Your inner compass provides you with a strong foundation for the other dimensions. Our world is hungry for authenticity and for those that that have the courage to lead from whom they truly are, rather than from a set of principles and ideas handed to them by others.

Leader from Behind: Leader from Behind is about empowering and calling forth the brilliance of others. Co-Active coaching is a great example of Leader from Behind, demonstrating clearly that coaching is a core competency of great leadership. Our capacity to develop leadership in others is a key factor for success in today’s world. In our interactions with others, are we focused on nourishing and growing their talents and abilities or are we trying to get ahead and look good ourselves? Are we leading from ego or from service?

Leader from Beside: The Co-Active dance between CTI co-leaders is a great expression of Leader From Beside. This is the essence of true partnership…to stand beside another and co-lead. Leader from Beside starts with the capacity to balance deep listening and curiosity about the other, with the ability to stand fully in one’s own authority. When one learns to blend these two seemingly paradoxical positions, everyone becomes a co-leader because everyone has something useful to offer.

Leader from the Front: This is what we commonly think of as “leadership”. However, being a true leader from in front is about much more than being the boss or being in charge. A Dimensional Leader from in Front seeks to serve by creating and sharing an inspiring vision and pointing the way. The ability to ground action in a powerful context, a powerful WHY for any particular course of action allows one to lead from a potent combination of presence, power and vision.

Leader from the Whole: With Leader from the Whole we engage with our capacity to hold the whole picture and connect with what is happening in the energetic field. In any situation, there is a wide range of responses available. It is only by connecting to the Whole and to Spirit that we can sense what is best in any given situation. Able to step outside of static procedures, we can then respond in the moment to what is most important and what is most needed. We are able to truly serve.