A Good Leader Is Inspired By Love

The key ingredient is love. Above all other qualities, an effective leader has a generous measure of love for those around them. Love those you lead. Truly care for them so they know you care. Influence does not occur in the absence of love.

Great leadership is not about theory or title, and it’s not about technique. Great leadership is about faith, vision, integrity, love, charity, courage, patience, humility optimism, dedication, affirmation, caring. When people are around great leaders they simply want to be better and to do better. That kind of influence is what great leadership is about.

These are not simply “nice” things to do when convenient. They are absolutely imperative. Effective leadership stewards work hard to perfect their own gifts and skills and seek to help those they lead find and perfect their own gifts and skills.

No matter how seasoned you are, you can do better. You can learn more. You can become a better leader if you work with all your heart, might, mind and strength to lift those around you.