9 Types of Stories that Cause Engagement

Modern marketing is about conversations and engaging with people in stimulating discussions. It’s about talking with people in our own voice and in our own style through a variety of channels, methods, and platforms. It’s becoming less and less about advertising and brochures; it’s about engaging audiences in a dialog that leads them in their own personal discoveries.

“If it’s not a conversation, then it’s not effective marketing.” Lois Kelly, author of Beyond Buzz: The Next Generation of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The key to every conversation is having something interesting to talk about. So what do people find stimulating and what makes people want to share?

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The New Co-Active Dimensional Leadership Model

Dimensional Leadership allows us to move easily through different group dynamics and relationships, choosing the role that’s most needed in a particular situation to create a workable solution. The five different aspects of Dimensional Leadership work together to create a holistic expression of one’s leadership. Let’s look at the 5 Dimensions one-by-one …

Leader from Within: This is where it all begins. To lead effectively, you must be begin by being connected to your own unique purpose and values. Your inner compass provides you with a strong foundation for the other dimensions. Our world is hungry for authenticity and for those that that have the courage to lead from whom they truly are, rather than from a set of principles and ideas handed to them by others.

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What Introverted Leadership Is

Introverts come in all sizes and shapes with a wide range of experience, with many levels of confidence and competence, and with numerous titles.

Leadership is much less a function of position that it is of influence. And while it is true that some leadership traits come as gifts or inherited attributes, it is also true that effective leadership can be learned.

The good news is, if you genuinely want to be a better leader than you believe you are now, you can improve with hard work and deliberate and diligent practice. I will admit up front, it’s not easy. As Theodore Roosevelt is supposed to have said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or doing unless it means effort….”
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Leaders Know What They Believe In

Leaders come with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and it’s through the sharing of these experiences we come to learn and understand our own roles as leaders. Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani shared four lessons on leadership.

#1 – Know What You Believe
The first and the most important, I believe, is that you have to know what you believe if you want to be a leader. You have to have strong beliefs. You have to know what you stand for. You can’t lead other people unless you know what you stand for. You have to spend a great deal of your time trying to figure that out and trying to determine what’s important to you, what goals do you want to achieve.

#2 – You Have To Be An Optimist
If you want to be a leader, you have to be an optimist. In fact, if you want to have fun, you should be an optimist. Optimists have a lot more fun than pessimists. But if you want to be a leader, you’ve got to be an optimist.
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Chopping Wood, Carrying Water, and Showing Up

I have a great deal of admiration for Seth Godin, I’ve read many, but not all, of his books and have followed his blog for several years. Recently Dave Ramsey interviewed Seth as part of the EntreLeadership Podcast. He spoke with Dave about his work, marketing in today’s digital world, and small business.

Here’s a sample of their conversation that I found insightful.

“I just passed my 5,000th-blog post. I’ve been doing it every day for more than 10 years. It’s been a real testament to the power of dripping. We’re all so focused on the grand opening or the sign that says, “Under new management.” We are all so focused on how to make this list or that list or that number when we launch something. But what I found is discipline is showing up every single day with the most relevant, interesting and generous thing I can think of. It adds up. There is not one post I’ve done that changed everything for me, or anyone. But I like to think that over time, the practice of chopping wood, carrying water, and showing up has changed me and has changed a lot of people who subscribe.”

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A Good Leader Is Inspired By Love

The key ingredient is love. Above all other qualities, an effective leader has a generous measure of love for those around them. Love those you lead. Truly care for them so they know you care. Influence does not occur in the absence of love.

Great leadership is not about theory or title, and it’s not about technique. Great leadership is about faith, vision, integrity, love, charity, courage, patience, humility optimism, dedication, affirmation, caring. When people are around great leaders they simply want to be better and to do better. That kind of influence is what great leadership is about. Continue reading…